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Sunday, March 27, 2011


So here is the final blog entry.  The day has come--52 parties complete.  I thought I would have some sort of neat soundbite to sum up the experience but I really don't.  There was surprisingly little drama.  This is fine if you are trying to complete a large project; but it makes the recounting decidedly less exciting. 

So here are some things I do know:
-I had 52 parties in 52 weeks.  Well, actually 51 weeks but my mother doesn't like it when I gloat.
-There were 241 blog entries including today's. 
-There were 719 total guests. 
-Of the parties 9 were adults only, 6 were geared at kids, and the other 37 were open to guests of all ages.
-We made 37 cakes for the shindigs.
-My sister Emily attended the most parties (outside of my immediate family) at 26.  My other sister, Amanda, was right behind her at 25.
-Tony brings home the honor for most parties attended by a non-family member at 14.
-Birthday parties were the most celebrated event with 12, followed by Christmas at 5, and Halloween at 4 parties.
-I had 5 Crafternoon Delights.

I am very glad that I undertook this adventure.  If nothing else it will make an interesting anecdote for my eulogy someday.  "Katy really enjoyed parties and sharing fellowship with people.  Why once she had 52 "Shindigs" (complete with awkward air quotes) in one year!"  Insert polite parishioner prattle here.

Several people have asked, "So what is next?"  I don't know.  What are you doing next year?  I have always had parties and will continue to do so.  Just maybe not so many.  Thank you for your attention and your support.  Party on!

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  1. Love it! Your parties have always been fabulous even before the blogging project. I hope I continue to be invited to a few! Good Job Katy!