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Sunday, March 20, 2011

So Long, Farewell

Here is how the orange sweet shelves worked out for the party. 

Edward and Chris.  Ed is ready for his close up.  I had a nice time.  Thirty eight people trickled through as the night progressed.  I was so busy socializing that I did not do very well documenting the event.  At one point I sent Ron out with the camera but what I got back was a batch of blurriness.  Dang you champagne punch.

The cakes included:  an orange chocolate cheesecake, Italian wedding cake, and a blood orange pound.  We purchased assorted orange soda for those not old enough to partake in the orange champagne punch.

And just like that, it is done.  Tune in for a final blog later this week.  A summation of all things Shindig Spree.

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